Zebra Blinds We Had Fitted

Well i don’t think it should look like this

or this something not right

and this was fitted as it was central to the middle window
as you can see its not

oops I broke something
lets bodge it

less than 3 weeks old and this is what it looks like this rail is fitted the wrong way

this is the finish and its not even to centre window post

smallest Blind and fitted without spirit level and you can see its out

This one was altered by the owner and as you can see (what a mess)

and from another angle

this does not look like its been installed by a professional blind company does it

Why is this one so far off the wall

and off the window so much

I was told all would be on a single rail as they all should look the same so I got one like this

and 3 that join like this creating a 50mm gap

this shows the poor fitting with the 50mm gap at top

and because not fitted level or blind altered wrong no gap at the bottom

again not central to window and look at the fraying of the blind all ready

look how straight this cut is (Supplier altered this)

and this cut also

and to cap it off look at the length he left this at

And I removed the first blind to fit correct wall brackets and found this mess done to the wall plugs

And after 2 emails and 4 text messages to the supplier who said he would come back with his big van that had all cutting tools in it
So he could alter them and sort them out

But to this date, we have had no contact back from them

My wife and I are so upset that he won’t replace the poor quality workmanship and sort the problem out instead of just walking away and ignoring us.

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